Hello and welcome to my Mindfulness and Wellbeing website.

I’m Hannah, I enjoy helping women and children up to the age of eighteen to feel empowered and achieve their goals and to experience the amazing results that Mindfulness or Hypnotherapy and tapping have to offer


I have worked with women and children who are experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety and supported crisis intervention over the last twenty-five years.

I can help you or a loved one with a 4 – 6 week treatment or a singular treatment.

We can talk this through during your free consultation over the phone. I work face to face or we can zoom in the comfort of your own home.
I also work within schools supporting individuals and groups of children with mindfulness and tapping techniques. I am DBS checked which enables me to work with children.

If you are experiencing one or more of these things, I can help:



Low self esteem

Low mood

Sleep issues

Preventing migraines

Renew energy levels

Developing a healthy mindset

Letting go of past experiences that maybe holding you back

Planning a more positive future

Feeling empowered to achieve

Learning to feel happy with you

I have a BA hons Psychology degree and extensive training in trauma and how the brain responds to stress and trauma. I am trained in mental health first aid and experience of supporting children who are experiencing feelings of self-harm, I can work alongside agencies to ensure your child has additional support. I am trained in attachment theory and believe the way we form relationships in our lives is due to the attachments we make in our early life as a child, with knowledge we can learn and grow from understanding our own attachment style.